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Wireless Test Systems


For over a decade we've been making the tools that help engineers and computer scientists like you power the mobility revolution. Whether you're an LTE product designer, or whether you're responsible for nationwide network operations, our focus is putting the best technology available in your hands so you can do your job more efficiently and easily than you ever thought was possible.
Because we've focused exclusively on cellular wireless data since our inception, we've been able to develop both depth and breadth in our award-winning, field proven products. At the end of the day, though it's your organization's success that matters most to us, which is why we keep innovating and adding new features, and why we routinely go above and beyond in supporting our customers around the world.


LTE EPC Testing

The 6100 represents the state of the art when it comes to LTE EPC testing. Whether you're designing new LTE equipment or wanting to make sure your network is rock solid, the 6100 has you covered.

Because the 6100 can emulate the EPC for you, you can surround your node or nodes under test and perform both functional and perfomrance testing.

Solution: The Torrent 6100
VoLTE Testing

Building on our original VoIP framework from 2003, the 6100 delivers a complete VoLTE solution for comprehensive testing of both your EPC and IMS.

Detailed MOS score estimates (which account for airlink effects) let you tell at a glance how well your network is running under load.

Solution: The Torrent 6100
SMS Testing

The latest addition to the 6100 is SMS functional and load testing of mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS.

With it tens of thousands of messages per second can be sent to your SMSC under test, or you can use ours and test your MSC/VLR or HLR.

Both functional and load testing are supported, including various error scenarios.

Solution: The Torrent 6100
WiMAX BS Testing

The Torrent 7240 can be used to load test a WiMAX base station with 4000+ mobiles per channel. We're particularly proud of it because it pioneered the whole concept of putting thousands of mobiles on a base station from a single machine, changing our industry.

Using the 7240 you can perform functional tests, as well as automated load tests. Also, you can use it to test mobile stations against an emulated WiMAX network.

Solution: The Torrent 7240
WiMAX Airlink Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges in engineering wireless networks is being able to see what's happening accurately.

The AirScan 750 helps you with that because it allows you not only to see not only the messages flowing over the air, but also shows you RF information so you can really see how well your network equipment is performing.

Solution: The AirScan 750
WiMAX Core Network Testing

The Torrent 7100 lets you comprehensively test the WiMAX core network from a functional and load bearing perspective.

It was the world's first test system for ASN gateways and the connectivity services network (CSN). Packed with numerous features it has been used around the world for equipment design & test, and in carrier labs for quality assurance.

Solution: The Torrent 7100
LTE eNB Testing

The 6200 is our forthcoming solution for LTE over the air testing for eNBs, and also for UEs. In terms of functionality, it is largely a superset of the 6100, but with added over the air test functionality.

The 6200 is based on the hardware, software, and firmware used in our Torrent 7240 for WiMAX testing, and we look forward to announcing its availibility soon.

Solution: The Torrent 6200