WiMAX Test and Measurement Products

AirScan 750 WiMAX Protocol Analyzer

The AirScan 750 is a comprehensive WiMAX protocol monitoring solution and offers the unique ability to monitor and interpret traffic on the R1, R3, R4 and R6 interfaces, the AirScan 750 is well-suited for any WiMAX protocol analysis need. 

The AirScan Monitor is a conventional Linux-based PC which may be connected to the various WiMAX interfaces via 10/100/1000 Ethernet. Interfaces may optionally be setup for VLAN tagging support.

Torrent 7240 WiMAX Base Station Test System

The Torrent 7200 WTS (WiMAX Test System) is designed to comprehensively test 802.16e base stations, and builds on the foundation established by the Torrent 7100 which was the world's first system for testing ASN gateways and CSNs. It provides an entire Mobile WiMAX ecosystem which surrounds the base station and can then be used to perform functional testing, load testing, and performance testing.

Torrent 7100 WiMAX Core Network Test System

The Torrent 7100 WiMAX Test System

The Torrent 7100 WTS (WiMAX Test System) is the world's first test system for ASN gateways and CSNs (Press Release) and has been in the field since September of 2006. 

Torrent 7100 WiMAX Test System Architecture