LTE Test and Measurement Products

SMS Test

A Comprehensive SMS Test Solution

Functional and Load/Stress Testing

AirScan 650 LTE Protocol Analyzer

The AirScan 650 is a comprehensive LTE protocol monitoring solution and offers the ability to monitor and interpret traffic on the S1-UP, S1-CP, X2, S5, S8, and S11 interfaces as well as for monitoring the LTE air interface directly over the air. 

The AirScan Monitor is a conventional Linux-based PC which may be connected to the various WiMAX interfaces via 10/100/1000 Ethernet. Interfaces may optionally be setup for VLAN tagging support.

Torrent 6200 LTE eNB Test System

The Torrent 6200 is a Linux based real time system for testing 3GPP LTE eNBs (eNodeBs) and UEs both functionally and from a performance, troubleshooting, and optimization standpoint. It is well suited for both initial development of such systems, as well as for verification of them in a network operator lab.

The 6200 builds on gournd breaking technology devloped for its WiMAX countepart (the Torrent 7240), that allowed for 4000+ mobiles on a single channel.